Sunday the 26th of March 2017 is MOTHER’S DAY.

And we’d like to thank/congratulate/appreciate/apologise to/applaud/admire/support, and of course, on a day like this, treat/feed/serve/look after all the Mums, Grandmas, Great-grandmas, Mums-to-be!!

You do all deserve it, a great day.

YOU lay down the rules for once. Breakfast in Bed. Kids washing the car. Someone (anyone!) doing the housework. Kids done their homework for Monday without being asked/told/yelled at 35 times.

You know, just a day for you.

Get yourself to a nice pub, make Him Indoors drive, make someone else pay, and eat and drink in your time, and what you want.

We know a nice place to do that….

Give us a call, 01271 890240 (actually make someone else make the call), but hopefully we’ll see you on Sunday…food served from 12 right through the day until 9pm.

But hey, if you want a day on the sofa watching Netflix; just send everyone else to the pub…whatever makes your day Momma.

We all love you.