Do I need to book a table?

Not always, but it is recommended at Peak times – Friday & Saturday nights and Sunday’s, During School Holidays and Bank Holidays.

Can I book Online?

Yes, for tables of up to 6 guests. Please scroll down to the Calendar Icon on our homepage and select the date & time you’d like to book on the calendar Icon. You will then receive a confirmation email with the date & time you’ve booked. We will also send you a reminder 48 Hours before your booking is due to arrive. We would kindly ask that if you need to cancel your table, please notify us, you can do this by clicking ‘Cancel’ on the confirmation email or calling the pub on 01271 890 240.

Are you Open Mondays/Tuesdays?

Not at the moment, but we hope to by summer 2022. Reservations are currently closed for these days.

Do you cater for Groups?

For tables larger than 6, please call us and we can advise on table availability. Due to the size of our kitchen, and the menu we offer, we are limited on how many larger tables we can accept during a service, and we will ask for a pre-order before arrival in order to ensure service is smooth on tables larger than 12. Depending on table size (12+) we may offer a reduced menu, but the best thing to do is call us to discuss your requirements!

Can I book a table outside?

We have a lovely Balcony area that is great on sunny days and catches the afternoon sun. We do serve food outside when the weather is fine, and there are patio heaters for the evenings. The largest table we size we can accommodate outside is 12 people. Outside tables are obviously at the mercy of the British weather, so what we advise is to make a booking indoors. We can look at moving the table outside on the day when we have a better idea of the forecast. Call us up on the day of arrival and we will see what we can do. Please also note, the balcony is upstairs on the first floor, and sadly we do not have a lift.

Do you have a Beer Garden?

No, sadly not, we have a Balcony space, which can accommodate a maximum of 24 persons across 4 tables.

Do you have a Car Park?

We are located in the middle of the village of Georgeham, so we advise customers to park in the Village Car Park which is opposite the Georgeham Village Stores and is free unlimited parking. There is a height restriction, so larger motorhomes may not fit, and will have to find on street parking. You will then have to walk down the steps and over the road. Be careful on the way as there is no pavement.

Do I need to book for a Drink?

No! The bar is open from 12 noon – 11pm on the days we are open, and you do not need to book a table for a drink. If you come during the evening, and all tables are occupied, you are more than welcome to join us at our large bar area, or on the balcony area, or whichever table is not pre-booked.

Can I bring my Dog?

Yes, we are dog friendly! Do bear in mind that the restaurant is cosy, and floor space between tables is narrow and limited. At peak times, when we are fully booked and the bar is busy, space can be limited, so do consider if a busy restaurant is the right environment, especially if your dog is large, or gets anxious as the last thing we want is to cause distress. Table moves may not always be possible but we will do our best to accommodate. If you are seated on a table for 2, it is often difficult to provide floor space under the table as they are smaller table widths. Please ensure your dog remains on a lead at all times, and if they become loud and bark, we request they are taken outside so as not to ruin other customers dining experience.

Do you cater for Allergies?

Yes, if you look at our menu we have marked next to each dish which allergens they contain.

Do you have any Live Music on?

We will publish the details of Live Music on our website, on Facebook and Instagram, so do hop on over to Social Media to see what’s on. Things are still getting going after the Pandemic, and we are a still being a little cautious, so there isn’t as much on as there used to be, but we hope to get more music back on in 2022. We are in the process of booking bands, so watch this space!

Do you show Sport?

Only the 6 Nations, and occasional sports shown on BBC, ITV etc. We do not have Sky Sports, Amazon or BT Sports. The nearest pubs that we know of are in Braunton, so we suggest trying a few pubs there.

For any other questions just give us a call and we will be happy to advise!